How Much Is A Bag Of Ice At Sonic?

The crispy Sonic Ice is available in a 10-pound bag for just $3. However, please note that prices usually vary from location to location.

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how much is a bag of ice at sonic

What is Sonic Ice?

sonic ice cubes

Sonic Ice is different from the homemade ice offered by Sonic Drive-in. Sonic ice is sometimes known as “nugget ice,” “good ice,” and “chewable ice.” 

It is formed by compressing finely shaved ice into small, round cubes with a machine process. The texture of the ice is crunchy and easily chewable, making it popular for drinks because it doesn’t melt as quickly as regular ice cubes. 

Sonic Ice is famous for its fans because it is made with more poured and filtered water.

Price Ranges For Sonic Ice Bags:

In contrast with other companies that offer ice products, Sonic Drive-in is cheaper than others. Sonic bag of ice cost: you can purchase a Sonic ice bag- 10 lb for 1 dollar to 3 dollars

The price of ice bags depends on the following factors:

  • Size and quantity: It is available in bags of different sizes and weights, each with a specific price based on its density. Larger bags are priced higher, while smaller ones are cheaper.
  • Geographical gaps in prices: The price of ice bags can vary from place to place due to differences in market demand. It means a Sonic bag with the same weight can be sold at different prices in different locations.
  • Sale promotions: Discounts and special offers for a limited time can affect the price of ice bags.
how much does a bag of ice cost at sonic

How to order ice bags at Sonic?

Ordering ice bags from Sonic Menu is a straightforward method. You can purchase ice bags by visiting your nearest Sonic location, using their mobile app, or from their website online. 

Here are the methods you can use to order Sonic Ice Bag:

  • Using Sonic App: Download Sonic’s app from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store and create an account to order. 
  • Sonic Website: Visit the official website, select the nearest location, and search for the ice bag.
  • Physical Location: Visit the nearest branch and order your required ice bag there. 
  • Via Phone Call: Dial +1 866-657-6642 to order ice via call.

Tip: Visit Sonic’s website or mobile app regularly for any current promotions or deals on ice.

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Sonic Ice varies in price, is easy to order online, and can be loosely replicated at home using simple methods.

So, whenever you need some ice to keep your drinks cold on summer days, prefer the ice from Sonic Drive-In as it will melt slowly and will keep your drinks cold for long time.

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