Best Sonic Drink Combinations You Need to Try in 2024

Sonic provides hundreds of bases, syrups, toppings, and mix-ins that allow you to make any drink you want. With so many options, you can enjoy over 1,063,953 unique Sonic drink combinations. That is more than a million drink flavors for every person out there!

Their base ingredients are mainly water and sodas like Fanta, Dr. Pepper, and Coca-Cola. You can mix two or more sodas to create a unique drink, or you can add small strawberry chunks, orange bubbles, or other mix-ins to create layers of different textures.

If you are tired of having the same boring Sonic Drinks, these drink combos will provide you with exciting ideas to try next time you visit Sonic Drive-In.

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Sonic Drinks Combinations

Sonic New Drink Combos 2024

Sonic keeps adding new drinks to its menu to entertain its customers with unique flavors.

This year, Sonic has so far added Dirty Drinks, Sonic Blackout Slush Float, and Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float to their menu. These are limited-time beverages, so try them while they last. 

Also, check Sonic Drinks Menu (Update July 2024).

drink combos at sonic
Rainbow slushes
good sonic drink combos
best drink combos at sonic
Drink ComboDescriptionPrice
Rainbow SlushReal strawberries, blue raspberry, and lemonade$4.99
Classic CruiserCola and cherry vanilla$4.79
Paradise SunsetReal strawberries and blood orange$5.29
Grape EscapeLime and grape flavor$4.59
Lemonade Cream CoolerLemonade slush with sweet cream$5.49
Twisted FlamingoCherry vanilla, lemon, and sweet cream$5.79
Orange Cloudsicle Slush FloatOrange cloudsicle slush, orange vanilla flavor boba pearls, and vanilla soft serve$6.29
Sonic Blackout Slush FloatDragon fruit black slush, cotton candy, and soft vanilla serve$6.49
Dirty Drink (Dr. Pepper)Dr. Pepper, coconut, cream, and lime$5.99
Dirty Drink (Fanta Orange)Fanta orange, coconut cream, and lime$5.99

All Sonic Drinks Available Combinations

Here are the amazing drink combinations at Sonic Drive-In you should try this season.

1. Sonic Summer Drink Combinations 2024

These seasonal drink combos let you drink your favorite summer fruit in different ways. These are limited-time drinks and may not be available at all locations.

sonic drink combo
sonic drink combos list
Sonic new drinks combos
Sonic drive in summer drinks combination
Red Bull, Strawberry, Apricot Slush
Watermelon Slush
Iced Tea with Mango
Mango Slush with Vanilla Syrup
Strawberry Shake with Chocolate
Cherry Limeade with Mango and Strawberries

Check Sonic Shakes Menu July 2024 to order something fresh.

2. Sonic Drink Combinations With Water

Water combinations are for those who are looking for hydrating drinks to meet their daily water needs with a tasty twist. They are less sugary than typical sodas, so go for them if you need something refreshing and healthy.

Best Sonic Drink Combinations With Water
Sonic Drink Combinations With Water
Best sonic combination with orange water
Sonic Water combination with Sugar-Free Peach
Raspberry, Lemon, and Peach Water$2.99
Orange Water$2.79
Lemonberry Water$2.89
Water with Lime, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Cherries$3.29
Water, Watermelon, and Orange Flavor$3.19
Mango Water with Lemon, Lime, and Sweet Cream$3.49
Mango Water with Lime$3.09
Water with Raspberry and Strawberry Chunks$3.09
Cranberry Water with Lime and Cherries$3.29
Water with Watermelon, Lemon, and Mint$3.19
Water with Mint and Peach$3.09
Peach Water with Strawberry Chunks and Cherries$3.39
Sonic Water with Sugar-Free Peach, Sugar-Free Mango, Strawberries, and Lemon$3.49
Water with Raspberry and Sweet Cream$3.09
Strawberry and Peach Water$3.19
Cherry Lime Water$2.99

3. Sonic Coffee Combos

If you want something energetic, that is more than your regular coffee, then these combos are exactly what you need. 

  1. Coffee, Apple Juice, and Milk
  2. Iced Coffee and Vanilla Cream
  3. Double Chocolate Coffee
  4. Praline Pecan Caramel Coffee
  5. Caramel Coffee
  6. Mint Coffee

4. Sonic Tea Mixtures

For all the iced tea lovers out there, these reviving beverages will give you the right amount of energy and flavor to help you keep going.

sonic iced tea drink combo
Best Sonic Tea Mixtures combinations
Best combinations of sonic tea
best sonic iced tea drink combo
Tea MixturePrice
Sweet Tea, Lemonade, and Orange Juice$3.99
Unsweet Tea with Blackberry Syrup$3.49
Sweet Tea with Cranberry$3.79
Sweet Tea with Lemonade$3.59
Vanilla Tea$3.29
Cream Tea$3.49
Coconut Flavored Tea$3.59
Green Tea and Mango Syrup$3.69
Green Tea with Apple$3.39
Green Tea with Mango and Cranberry$3.79
Peach Tea$3.49
Strawberry Unsweetened Tea$3.29
Vanilla Tea with Sweet Cream$3.89
Sweet Mocha Tea$3.99
Sweet Tea with Grape and Lemon$3.69
Iced Tea with Coconut$3.59

5. Sonic Coca-Cola Combinations

Out of all the Sonic soft drinks, Coca-Cola is the most popular choice. Make your regular Coke taste totally different by adding different ingredients to it. Start with these exciting combos: 

Sonic drive in Coca-Cola Combinations
Sonic Coca-Cola Combos
Sonic Coca-Cola Combinations
Best Sonic Coca-Cola Combinations
Chocolate Coke$2.99
Chocolate Cherry Coke$3.19
Watermelon Coke$3.09
Cherry Limeade Coke$3.29
Cherry Coke$2.89
Peach Coke$3.19
Vanilla Coke$2.99
Caramel Coke$3.09
Vanilla and Caramel Coke$3.39
Coke, Vanilla, and Cream$3.49
Coke, Caramel, and Cream$3.59
Ocean Water Coke$3.29
Coke with Lime and Mint$3.19
Diet Coke, Fresh Lime, Coconut, and Coconut Cream$3.69
Diet Coke, Fresh Lime, and Cranberry$3.29
Diet Coke with Caramel and Cream$3.39
Diet Coke with Orange$3.19
Diet Coke with Fresh Lime and Cherries$3.39
Diet Coke, Peach, and Cream$3.49

6. Pepper Drink Combinations by Sonic

Dr. Pepper is a popular carbonated drink that has a fruity taste with a hint of spice. It is very popular in Texas, for this is the place where it was invented and first served.

If you enjoy this peppery drink, you have got to try its following combinations to see how adding even one ingredient to it can take its taste to the next level.

Dr. Pepper with Vanilla, Strawberry, and Cranberry
Pepper Drink Combinations by Sonic
Chocolate Vanilla Dr Pepper
Dr. Pepper with Vanilla and Sweet Cream
Chocolate Vanilla Dr. Pepper$3.19
Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper$3.29
Dr. Pepper with Sweet Cream$3.09
Dr. Pepper with Vanilla and Sweet Cream$3.39
Strawberry Dr. Pepper$3.19
Dr. Pepper with Vanilla, Strawberry, and Cranberry$3.49
Dr. Pepper, Coconut Cream, and Vanilla$3.59
Dr. Pepper, Peach, and Vanilla$3.29
Dr. Pepper, Blue Coconut, and Sweet Cream$3.69
Dr. Pepper and Lemon Slush$3.19
Dr. Pepper, Blue Coconut, and Cream$3.59
Raspberry and Dr. Pepper$3.29
Dr. Pepper, Mango, and Strawberry$3.39
Dr. Pepper, Chocolate, Cherry, and Cream$3.49
Dr. Pepper, Pickles, and Watermelon$3.59
Dr. Pepper, Mint, and Pomegranate$3.39
Dr. Pepper with Blue Coconut$3.19

7. BARQ’s Root Beer combinations

BARQ’s Root Beer is carbonated water with a bold taste. It is non-alcoholic and has a thick foamy head that can be decorated with toppings like whipped cream, cherries, etc., to make it taste even better than its original taste.

BARQ’s Root Beer, Coconut Cream, and Lime
BARQ’s Root Beer with Sweet Cream
BARQ’s Root Beer, Grape, and Strawberries
Root Beer, Easy Ice, Real Strawberries, and Sweet Cream
BARQ’s Root Beer, Cream, and Caramel
BARQ’s Root Beer with Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream
BARQ’s Root Beer with Vanilla
BARQ’s Root Beer with Caramel
BARQ’s Root Beer, Cream, Vanilla, and Caramel

Esplore Sonic Ice Cream Menu.

8. Sonic Sprite Combos

Turn your colorless Sprite pink, yellow, or orange with these out-of-the-ordinary combos.

Sprite, Grape, and Fresh Lime
Cherry Limeade, Sprite, and Cream
Frozen Lemonade Syrup and Sprite
Sonic sprite combos
Sprite ComboPrice
Frozen Lemonade Syrup and Sprite$2.79
Cranberry, Vanilla, and Sprite$2.99
Cherry Limeade, Sprite, and Cream$3.19
Sprite, Cranberry, Raspberry, and Fresh Lime$3.29
Sprite, Watermelon, Strawberry Chunks, and Pineapple$3.39
Sprite, Grape, and Fresh Lime$3.09
Sprite with Fresh Lime$2.89
Sprite with Strawberry$2.99
Sprite with Cranberry$2.89
Sprite with Watermelon$3.09
Sprite with Peach$2.99
Sprite with Blueberry$3.19
Sprite, Apple, and Watermelon$3.29
Sprite with Raspberry$3.09
Sprite with Strawberries and Cream$3.19
Sprite, Coconut Cream, and Pineapple$3.49
Sprite with Blue Coconut and Mango$3.39
Sprite, Pineapple, Peach, and Strawberry$3.59

9. Zero Sprite Combos

Zero Sprite is a sugar-free option for people looking for something refreshing but without the added sugar.

However, when you add mix-ins and other drinks to it, this sugar-free beverage does not remain sugar-free anymore. So, if you are watching your sugar intake, be careful of what you add to your drink.

Zero Sprite, Lime Syrup, Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup, Sweet Cream, and Real Lemon
Zero Sprite, Peach Syrup, and Sweet Cream
Zero Sprite, Blue Coconut, Vanilla Syrup, and Sweet Cream
Zero Sprite, Blue Coconut, Twisted Lime Syrup, Cream, and Real Cherries
Zero Sprite, Mango Flavor, Strawberry, and Fresh Lime
Zero Sprite, Pineapple, Peach, Fresh Lime, and Coconut Cream
Cream Zero Sprite
Vanilla Cream and Zero Sprite
Zero Sprite with Strawberries and Kiwi
Zero Sprite with Coconut Cream
Zero Sprite with Watermelon
Peach Zero Sprite

10. Hi-C Fruit Punch Combinations

Give these real fruit juices to your kids, who are craving something sweet, but your duties as a parent call for healthier choices.

  • Hi-C Fruit Punch with Sprite
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch with Diet Coke
  • Blue Coconut and Hi-C Fruit Punch
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch, Sweet Cream, and Real Cherry Fruit
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch and Vanilla

11. Sonic Ocean Water Combos

Sonic Ocean Water is a blend of Sprite, coconut, and sugar. You can make it fruity with strawberry and cranberry flavors, or you can make it crunchy with colorful sprinkles, candies, and other delicious options.

Ocean Water, Real Cherry, Coconut Syrup, and Sweet Cream$4.29
Ocean Water, Vanilla Syrup, and Sweet Cream$3.99
Peach Ocean Water$3.79
Ocean Water Lemonade$3.69
Lime-Lemonade Ocean Water$3.89
Cherry Ocean Water$3.59
Ocean Water with Sweet Cream$3.79
Ocean Water, Sweet Cream, and Strawberry$4.09
Ocean Water, Sweet Cream, and Cherries$4.19
Pineapple and Coconut Ocean Water$3.99
Ocean Water with Watermelon$3.79
Cranberry Ocean Water$3.89
Blueberry and Raspberry Ocean Water$4.09
Ocean Water, Grapefruit, and Mint$4.29
Ocean Water, Vanilla, and Cherry$4.19
Blueberry, Mint, and Ocean Water$4.09

12. Sonic Fanta Combos

Craving Fanta Orange? Try these tempting Fanta combos at Sonic during your next visit:

Drink ComboPrice
Fanta with Cherry$3.49
Fanta Lemonade$3.29
Peach Fanta$3.39
Fanta, Mango, and Orange$3.59
Fanta and Cream$3.29
Fanta with Vanilla and Caramel$3.49
Fanta with Cream and Vanilla$3.39
Fanta with Strawberry$3.29
Fanta with Grape$3.49
Fanta with Strawberry and Lime$3.59
Fanta with Peach and Watermelon$3.69
Fanta, Whipped Cream, and Real Cherries$3.79
Fanta with Cherry Slush$3.49

13. Sonic Lemonade & Limeade Combinations

Sonic lemonades and limeades are among their best-selling options and for obvious reasons. First, they taste natural because they have real lemon or lime juice. Second, their tanginess refreshes you from the inside out, removing all the fatigue of a hot day.

Make your regular lemonade and limeade taste extra special with these unique combos:

Strawberry Limeade
Blueberry Limeade
Cranberry Limeade
Peach Limeade
Limeade, Vanilla, and Cherry
Diet Cherry Limeade, Fresh Strawberry, and Sugar-Free Peach
Peach and Raspberry Limeade
Lemonade Slush with Mango and Peach
Lemonade Slush with Watermelon and Cherry
Lemonade with Extra Peach Flavoring and Strawberries
Lemonade Slush, Twisted Lime, and Blue Raspberry
Lemonade with Strawberry and Dragon Fruit
Lemonade with Raspberry and Sweet Cream
Raspberry Lemonade
Lemonade, Twisted Lime, Sweet Cream, and Strawberries
Lemonade with Sweet Cream
Lemonade, Sweet Cream, and Real Strawberries
Lemonade, Peach, Strawberry, and Cream

14. Sonic Slush Combos

If flavorful chilled water and sodas are not enough to cool you down this summer, you should consider these icy treats. They can lift your spirits and freshen up your mood, no matter how sweaty the day gets.

Orange Cream Slush with Chocolate
Cherry Limeade Slush
Nerd Slush
Ocean Water Slush
Vanilla Lime Slush
Polynesian Punch Slush
Slush with Banana, Pineapple, and Coconut Flavors
Blue Raspberry Nerds Slush
Real Fruit Strawberry Slush with Twisted Lime and Sweet Cream
Lemon, Strawberry, and Pineapple Flavors in Slush
Green Apple with Nerds Slush
Limeade Slush with Watermelon and Strawberry
Green Apple and Orange Slush
Orange and Watermelon Slush
Mango Slush with Lime and Real Strawberries
Ocean Water Slush with Pop Rocks
Blue Coconut Slush with Sweet Cream
Lemonade Slush with Raspberry
Cheesecake Blast with Limeade Slush
Red Bull Slush with Vanilla

Try Sonic’s Entire Slush Menu July 2024 or see the available Slush Flavors.

15. Sonic Red Bull Combinations

Get an energy punch with Red Bull flavors you have never tried before:

Drink ComboPrice (USD)
Red Bull, Sprite, and Orange Flavor$5.29
Red Bull, Sprite, and Sweet Dragon Fruit$5.39
Red Bull, Sprite, and Lime$5.19
Red Bull with Lime$4.99
Red Bull with Vanilla and Lime$5.09
Sweet Cream Red Bull$5.19

16. Sonic Secret Menu Drink Combinations

There are some hidden menu items at Sonic that not many people are aware of. Give these options a try if you are looking for something out of the box:

ComboPrice (USD)
Powerade Slush, Lemonade, and Raspberry$4.79
Ocean Water, Cranberry, and Lemonade$5.29
Cherry and Limeade with Orange Juice$4.99
Vanilla Ice Cream, Real Banana, Strawberries, and Orange Juice$5.49
Sprite, Cherry, and Vanilla Cream$5.79
Dr. Pepper, Blue Powerade, and Lemonade$5.99
Water with Raspberry and Peach Syrups, Real Strawberry, and Lemon Wedges$5.79
Cheesecake Shake and Lime Flavor$5.69
Sprite with Pineapple, Orange, and Cherry Flavors$5.49

Also, try Sonic Pink Lady Drink.

Best Sonic Drink Combinations

Best Sonic Drink Combinations in 2024

There is a huge variety of Sonic drink combos, but the following stand out above the rest of them.

  • Strawberry Peach Water: This summer drink is great at beating summer heat while keeping you hydrated. It has peach syrup and soft strawberry chunks in a water base.
  • Dr. Pepper Strawberry Drink: Mix your regular Dr. Pepper with strawberry chunks to make this fruity drink taste slightly zesty. 
  • Bomb Pop: It has raspberry syrup in limeade with real cherries on the top.
  • Shark Bite slush: It is basically ocean water mixed with vanilla, sweet cream, and strawberry. It has an ocean theme and feels good to both eyes and taste buds.
  • Cranberry Limeade: This sparkling drink is very refreshing as it provides Sprite, lime, and cranberry syrup in every sip.
  • Mermaid Water: It is a famous summer drink made up of sugar-free raspberry and syrups, strawberry chunks, and cut-up lemons.
  • Peach Ring: Upgrade your classic Sprite drink with peach syrup, mango syrup, and sweet cream.

Sonic Drink Sizes

Sonic drinks come in five sizes: mini (10 oz), small (14 oz), medium (20 oz), large (32 oz), and Route 44 (44 oz). You can get a drink combination in any size. 

If you are experimenting with new combos and are not sure how they will taste, we suggest starting with a mini or small-size drink.

Sonic Half-Price Drinks

As the name indicates, half-price drinks are available at ½ of their original prices.

Participating Sonic branches offer certain drinks, slushes, and shakes at half price during happy hours (2 pm to 4 pm). The timing of happy hours may vary. These days, they start after 7 pm in most locations.

How to order Sonic drink combinations?

You can place an online order or visit a Sonic store to purchase a drink. Here is the step-by-step guide to both purchasing methods:

To order online:

  1. Go to the Sonic website or open its app.
  2. Enter your location.
  3. Open its drink menu to select your drink.
  4. Customize it by adding as many flavors, mix-ins, and toppings as you want.
  5. Confirm the order and make payment.
  6. Wait for it to be delivered right at your doorstep.

To purchase from your nearby Sonic location:

  1. Visit a Sonic location.
  2. Select your preferred drink.
  3. Request the staff to customize it with your desired ingredients.
  4. Make payment to finalize the order.

What is the cost of Sonic drink combinations?

Sonic drink combos are available at various prices that depend on their base soda and add-ins’ cost. Check your local Sonic menu for specific prices.

Sonic Customer Service

Official Sonic Drive-in’s resources:

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Sonic drink combinations allow people to taste flavors they have never tried before. You can customize them however you want to create something that is totally your invention.

Make the most of these combos by visiting Sonic during happy hours, when most drinks are sold at half price. Enjoy these drinks with friends and family, as everything tastes better when you are with your loved ones.

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