Sonic Promo Codes July 2024 to Eat Your Fav Meals at Great Prices

Get the best discounts and deals on your favorite Sonic burgers, drinks, and slushes with new Sonic promo codes. Some of these codes expire with time, so make the most of them and save big while they last.

This year, Sonic introduced 50% Off Shakes After 7 pm, ½ Price Cheeseburgers, $1 Any-Size Groovy Fries, and many exciting deals and discounts to let its customers try their menu at more economical rates.

Make sure you regularly check Sonic’s official website, app, email newsletters, and blogs like ours to find secret promo codes. You can also send a “DRIVEIN” code to 876642 to get a text message every time there is a new Sonic deal.

Let’s find out current Sonic promo codes and understand how to use them to save your money.

📊 What’s Your Go-To Sonic Menu Item?

Free Sonic Promo Codes

Here are a few more quick promo codes you can try:

  • Code: BUY1GET1 (Buy One Get One Free)
  • Code: EAT (Get 10% flat discount)
  • Code: PROMO (Enjoy 20% discount)
  • Code ACK (Buy one get one Buffalo Chicken Bite Free)
  • Code: LTY (Save 1$)
  • Code: GER (Get a Double Cheeseburger for just $2)
free active sonic promo codes

Active Sonic Promo Codes July 2024

Here are some free promo codes you can apply while ordering at Sonic Drive-In:

1. Free Sonic blast promo code

Try the code “SHENRY1215” to have your favorite Sonic Drive-In blast flavor. Sonic also occasionally offers deals like ‘Buy One Master Blast, Get One Free.’ Keep checking their website and app to grab this offer when it returns.

2. Sonic half-price blast promo code

Get 50% off Sonic Blast with the “TREAT” promo code. Add this code under the promo code section of the checkout page while placing an online order. Or, simply tell the staff you need a half-price blast deal while ordering in person.

3. Sonic half-price burgers promo code

Enjoy a Sonic cheeseburger at half of its original price. This 50% off cheeseburger deal is available on Tuesdays after 5 pm, and you can get it only by ordering online.

free sonic promo codes

4. 50% off Sonic Shake promo code

Classic and Master shakes are available at half prices after 7 pm if you order them online through the Sonic app or website. You do not need a promo code for this offer.

Check the complete Sonic Shakes Menu 2024.

5. Sonic 2 for $7 promo code

Pick any two items from the available options for just $7. This offer is valid for both online and offline orders. No promo code is required for this deal.

6. Free Sonic drink promo code

Download the Sonic app and make an online purchase. You will get a totally free Sonic drink or shush as a welcome gift. It is an online exclusive offer.

Also, check Sonic Drinks Menu or the All Drink Combinations.

7. Sonic corn dog promo code

Get a corn dog for only $0.99 (plus tax) from your nearest Sonic branch. It is a one-day-only offer, so grab it if you can. It has no promo code, and the discount will be automatically added to your order.

8. Sonic mozzarella sticks promo code

Enter the promo code “MOZZ” in the Sonic app to enjoy four mozzarella sticks for a discounted price.

9. Promo code for Sonic Footlong Coney

Order a Sonic Footlong Coney for just $1.99 plus tax with the “DELISH” promo code. Enter it into the app while placing an online order or simply mention it at the drive-in.

10. Sonic ice cream promo code

Use the promo code “SWEET” to have a half-price ice cream shake or ice cream blast in any flavor you like. This deal is available for both online and in-store orders.

Here is the updated Sonic Ice Cream Menu.

11. Sonic popcorn chicken promo code

Sonic popcorn chicken (small) costs only $1.49 plus tax when you buy it online or at the drive-in using the “POPCORN” promo code.

12. Sonic happy hour promo code

Every day at Sonic, you can enjoy Sonic drinks and slushes for half their actual prices from 2 pm to 4 pm. No promo code is required for this deal. Just visit any participating Sonic location during these hours and ask them about a ½ price drink.

13. Sonic birthday promo code

Sonic birthday rewards are offered to customers who have a Sonic account on the Sonic app or website. You receive a Sonic side dish if you make an online purchase on your birthday or within 30 days after your big day.  

14. Sonic Doordash promo code

Doordash often introduces free delivery or discount deal codes for one-time use. Open the app and enter your location to find Sonic promo codes that it is currently offering.

15. Sonic Grubhub promo code

Save money with Sonic Grubhub promo codes that you can find on either their website or app.

16. Sonic UberEats promo code

Sonic UberEats promotions like $0 Free Delivery and 25% Off on First Order can be availed with promo codes available on their app. Check it regularly to grab the latest deals.

More on Sonic Deals and Coupons

Here are a few more Sonic deals you must know about:

  • $1 Any Size Groovy Fries: This limited-time offer allows Sonic customers to have hot fries for only $1.
  • $1.49 FRITOS® Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap: This deal offers crunchy and cheesy wrap for just $1.49.
  • Sonic under $4 favs: Sonic has added some of its most liked items to the Under $4 menu, and each item costs less than $4.
  • Sonic weekly & everyday offers: There is a new offer at different Sonic stores almost every other week. Some one-day deals are also introduced occasionally. They usually last as long as their stock lasts.
  • All-day breakfast: Although it is not a deal, Sonic’s customers must also know that, unlike many other restaurants, Sonic serves its breakfast throughout the day. So, no matter when you wake up, you can have your Sonic breakfast menu anytime.

How to get Sonic promo codes?

sonic promo codes today

Use the following sources to acquire current Sonic promo codes.

  1. Sonic website: Sign in to the website and check its homepage or deals section for promo codes.
  2. Sonic app: Sign in to the app and scroll through its homepage to find the latest deals and offers.
  3. Sonic email newsletters: Subscribe to Sonic newsletters to get the latest updates on discounts and promotions.
  4. Third-party websites: Many websites provide authentic information about Sonic promo codes. Check their posts regularly to take full advantage of deals before they expire.
  5. Social media channels: Sonic promotes its new deals on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels. Follow them on these platforms to get updates.
  6. Sonic’s staff: Ask Sonic’s staff about active promo codes to enjoy meals at lower rates.
  7. Holidays and special events: Sonic launches new offers on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Visit them at these events to buy discounted items. Also, check the Holiday Hours.

How to use Sonic promo codes on the Sonic app?

For online orders

  1. Create a Sonic Drive-In account by providing your email address and password on their app or website.
  2. Enter your location.
  3. Add items to your cart.
  4. Go to the checkout page.
  5. Type in the promo code under the ‘Enter Promo Code’ section.
  6. Complete the order.

For in-store orders

  1. Place your order and give your promo code to the carhop or cashier.
  2. Check the receipt to confirm they have used the code.


What to do if your Sonic promo code does not work?

Check the code’s expiration date and ensure you are buying items to which the promo code applies. If it still does not work, contact customer support to resolve the issue.

How to get a 50% discount at Sonic?

Visit Sonic during happy hours (2 pm to 4 pm) to get 50% off on selected items.

What is the promo code for Sonic Medium Chili Cheese Tots Or Fries?

Enter the promo code “TOTS” and have Sonic Medium Chili Cheese Tots Or Fries at lower than their regular rates.

Sonic Customer Service

Official Sonic Drive-in’s resources:

Sonic Drive-In Social Links


Sonic promo codes consist of a specific sequence of a few digits and alphabets. All these codes have an expiry date. It means you can use them only until a certain date.

We have provided some current promo codes for your favorite drinks, ice creams, and food items. They were collected from Sonic’s website, app, social media profiles, and other sources. Use them to eat discounted meals like a half-price cheeseburger, 50% off shake, etc., with your family and loved ones. 

Please Note: mentioned promo codes can be changed and may stop working over time and based on your location.

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