Sonic Slush Menu 2024

Did you know that Sonic Drive-In offers an astonishing 1,063,953 different drink combinations? Imagine a vast variety of icy flavors, all at your fingertips! The secret? Mixing and matching.

Sonic Slush MenuMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Cherry Limeade Slush$2.19$2.99 $1.49$3.59 $1.79$3.99 $1.99$4.49 $2.24
Cherry Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Blue Raspberry Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Blue Coconut Slush$1.693.99 $1.99$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Grape Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Cranberry Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Peach Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Lemonade Slush$2.39$3.99 $1.99$4.79 $2.39$4.39 $2.20$5.19 $2.59
Mountain Berry Blast® Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Sonic Slush Menu

What is the Sonic Slush menu?

Sonic Drive-In’s slush menu is split into two main categories: ‘Slushes’ and ‘Real Fruit Slushes.’ These Sonic Slush Flavors are available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large RT 44.

With numerous add-in and topping options available, you can add texture and extra flavor to your frozen drink. Just keep in mind that each added topping contributes to the total price, so you can customize your treat to suit your taste and budget.

What’s more, you can combine any Sonic drink with their plain slush base (ice + sugar), and it will turn into a slushy version of almost anything you like.

Breakdown of Sonic Slush Menu Items

Sonic has an extensive menu of slush options, and you can customize each Sonic Menu Item to your liking. Here are the best Slushes you can try at Sonic:

1. Classic Shush Flavors

The classic ‘Slushes’ category has nine options with sweet syrups added for flavor. They are suitable for customers who enjoy traditional slush beverages. They include: 

sonic red bull summer slush
sonic cherry slush with ice cream
sonic sugar free raspberry slush calories
sonic blue coconut slush calories
  • Sonic Red Bull Slush
  • Cherry Slush
  • Blue Raspberry Slush  
  • Blue Coconut Slush
  • Grape Slush
  • Cranberry Slush  
  • Peach Slush
  • Mango Slush  
  • POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast Slush
Sonic Grape Slush with nerds
sonic cranberry slush nutrition
sonic peach slush sugar free
sonic mango slush carbs
Sonic Classic SlushesMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Red Bull® Slush
Cherry Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Blue Raspberry Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Blue Coconut Slush$1.693.99 $1.99$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Grape Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Cranberry Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Peach Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Mango Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45
Mountain Berry Blast® Slush$1.69$3.19 $1.59$3.99 $1.99$4.39 $2.20$4.89 $2.45

2. Classic Slush Calories

ItemMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Red Bull® Slush
Cherry Slush130 Cal200 Cal280 Cal440 Cal680 Cal
Blue Raspberry Slush130 Cal190 Cal270 Cal420 Cal580 Cal
Blue Coconut Slush130 Cal190 Cal270 Cal420 Cal590 Cal
Grape Slush140 Cal200 Cal290 Cal450 Cal630 Cal
Cranberry Slush150 Cal210 Cal310 Cal480 Cal670 Cal
Peach Slush120 Cal180 Cal250 Cal390 Cal540 Cal
Mango Slush120 Cal180 Cal250 Cal390 Cal550 Cal
Mountain Berry Blast® Slush130 Cal190 Cal270 Cal430 Cal600 Cal

Also, check Sonic Blast Menu with prices and calories.

3. Real Fruit Slush Flavors

The ‘Real Fruit Slushes’ category provides four options, each made from natural fruits. This category is ideal for customers who prefer slush with an authentic, fresh, and natural taste. These include: 

  • Cherry Limeade Slush
  • Limeade Slush
  • Lemonade Slush
  • Strawberry Slush
sonic cherry limeade slush price
sonic limeade slush nutrition
sonic lemonade slush calories
sonic strawberry slush recipe
Sonic Real Fruit SlushMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Cherry Limeade Slush$2.19$2.99 $1.49$3.59 $1.79$3.99 $1.99$4.49 $2.24
Limeade Slush$2.39$3.99 $1.99$4.19 $2.09$4.79 $2.39$5.19 $2.59
Lemonade Slush$2.39$3.99 $1.99$4.19 $2.09$4.79 $2.39$5.19 $2.59
Strawberry Slush$2.59$4.09 $2.04$4.89 $2.45$5.29 $2.64$5.79 $2.89

4. Real Fruit Slush Calories

ItemMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Cherry Limeade Slush160 Cal220 Cal320 Cal490 Cal680 Cal
Limeade Slush140 Cal190 Cal280 Cal430 Cal600 Cal
Lemonade Slush140 Cal190 Cal280 Cal430 Cal600 Cal
Strawberry Slush140 Cal210 Cal290 Cal460 Cal630 Cal

Can You Get a Plain Slush at Sonic?

Yes, you can. Sonic’s plain slush is a refreshing treat made of crushed ice and water. You can customize it with your favorite flavors at home.

sonic slushes menu

Limited-Time Offerings

These special slushes are often available for a short time period and are influenced by factors like season, trends, and customer demand. Some popular limited-time slush offerings include:

1. Sonic Slush Float or Slush Ice Cream

sonic slush float menu

It is a yummy treat that mixes ice cream with slush. It is made with scoops of tasty real ice cream, flavored syrup, and ice. You can enjoy it two ways: with the separate layers (like the popular Red, White, and Blue Slush Float) or everything mixed into a smooth fusion (like Cherry Ice Cream Slush).

You can mix and match flavors to create a tasty drink with a cool and creamy texture. The ice in it provides a cool, crunchy feel, while the ice cream adds a velvety, creamy texture.

Check out Sonic’s website for new seasonal flavors.

Also, check Sonic Ice Cream Menu with prices and calories.

2. Candy Slushes

sonic candy slushes menu

Add a twist to your traditional slush by mixing colorful candies in it. Popular candy options include favorites like Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, and popping candies, each offering a distinct taste and texture contrast to the slush. 

These slushes bring excitement of a candy store and, hence, they are more popular among children.

3. Snow Cone Slushes

Sonic introduced the Snow Cone Slushes in 2018 to give customers an exclusive flavor experience. These include:

  • Bahama Mama Slush: a blend of pineapple, coconut, orange and cherry.
  • Tiger’s Blood Slush: a combination of strawberry, coconut, and watermelon.
  • Blue Hawaiian Slush: a mix of coconut and Hawaiian punch
  • Pickle Juice Slush: similar to the pickle juice, but a bit sweeter than that.

4. Half-price slushes

Sonic offers a fantastic deal with its half-price slushes available from 2 to 4 PM. This special promotion is also called “Happy Hour.” It gives slush lovers a perfect chance to enjoy their favorite flavors or explore new ones at a significantly reduced rate.

Additionally, families can make the most of this offer by ordering an extra-large Route 44 slush and sharing it among the kids, making it both a fun and economical treat.

You can also enjoy extra discount on Sonic 2 for 5 deal.

Sonic Slush Secret Menu

While Sonic may not have an official secret menu, word-of-mouth and social media have given rise to some incredibly popular flavor combinations. These creative items have earned their own Sonic secret menu item names and are a must-try for customers looking to explore beyond the usual offerings.

Some popular Sonic Secret menu slushes are:

Sonic Slush Menu Nutritional Information

Sonic slushes, while tasty, do not have essential nutrients like proteins, so it is a good idea to enjoy them in moderation rather than as a daily staple.

Sugar is a key ingredient in all flavors, even in plain slushes, which contain approximately 180 calories per small serving. Unfortunately, Sonic does not offer sugar-free or diabetes-friendly slush options.

If you are watching your sugar intake or monitoring your calorie consumption, it is essential to be mindful of slushes’ nutritional content. 

To make informed choices, take a moment to review Sonic’s comprehensive Nutrition and Allergen Guide and Allergen Menu, which provides detailed information about what you are consuming. This way, you can enjoy your slush while staying mindful of your dietary preferences and requirements.

sonic slushes price

Sonic Customer Service

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Sonic Slush menu is a sweet collection of classic and fresh fruit flavors that can be matched and mixed to create new combinations. Additionally, it lets you add an extra layer of texture and flavors with the countless toppings and add-in options available.

So, next time you want to try something flavorful, fun, and refreshing, look no further than Sonic’s slush menu. It promises to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet cravings, providing a delightful treat experience with every sip.

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