A Complete Guide to Sonic Drinks Menu 2024

Sonic’s drinks are quite famous among its fans, and that is mainly for two exceptional reasons.

First, they are available in around 1,063,953 drink combinations, meaning there is a flavor for every taste. Even then, these are customizable, allowing customers to create a drink that is just their cup of tea.

If you are in a sweet, zesty, or even tangy mood, you will absolutely find something to satisfy your cravings.

So, are you ready to explore all the Sonic drinks? Let’s dive into their menu to see what exactly it has to offer and how you can make the most out of it.

New Sonic Summer Drinks 2024

Here are the fresh summer drinks from Sonic Drive-In:

  • Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float: This drink is inspired by the Orange Dreamsicle. It features Orange Cloudsicle-flavored slush mixed with orange vanilla boba. To further make it a perfect choice for summer, it is topped with vanilla soft-serve ice cream and more boba.
  • Blackout Slush Float: It is not a specific summer drink, but it was a limited edition for the 2024 solar eclipse. This drink combines flavors of cotton candy and dragon fruit. Further, it is topped with white soft serve and blue and purple galaxy-themed sprinkles.
  • Sonic Sunrise: This alcohol-free drink is inspired by the tequila sunrise cocktail. It’s perfect for hot summer days. The Sonic Sunrise consists of a cherry limeade soda with a splash of orange juice.
  • Sonic Dirty Drinks
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake
  • Sonic Pickle Slush
  • Red Bull Strawberry Apricot Slush (Summer Edition)
Sonic Summer Drinks

Flavorista’s Favorites

Here are some of the local’s favorite and delicious beverages that you should try this summer:

  • Classic Cruiser: It mixed the flavors of cherry and vanilla with the refreshing fizz of Coca-Cola.
  • Grape Escape: This vibrant purple drink combines the bold grapes’ favor with Sonic’s signature icy slush texture. It’s a fruity and refreshing treat for grape enthusiasts.
  • Rainbow Slush: This refreshing concoction combines blue raspberry and lemonade syrup with strawberries and slush. The layers of different syrups create a rainbow effect.

📊 What’s Your Go-To Sonic Menu Item?
ItemMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Twisted Lime Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Blood Orange Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Dragon Fruit Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Cherry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Blue Raspberry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Blue Coconut Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Grape Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Cranberry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Peach Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Mango Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Vanilla Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Banana Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Chocolate Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Caramel Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Strawberry Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Hot Fudge Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Sonic Drinks Menu

Sonic Drink Menu 2024

It is divided into different categories based on the kind of beverage. These categories include:

1. Sonic Rechargers with Red Bull

These drinks give you an energy boost but with a delicious twist. Imagine Red Bull artfully mixed with Sprite and then infused with any flavor of your choice from the three available options: dragon fruit, lime, and orange syrups.

They include: 

  • Blood Orange Recharger with Red Bull
  • Twisted Lime Recharger with Red Bull
  • Dragon Fruit Recharger with Red Bull

2. Sonic Slushes Menu

These colorful, icy drinks are famous for their refreshing coolness from the inside out. They come in both natural and artificial flavors, such as:

sonic drinks secret menu
drink menu sonic
  • Red Bull
  • Cherry
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Limeade
  • Lemonade
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cranberry
  • Blue Coconut
  • Grape
  • Peach
  • Mango
  • POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast
  • Candy Slushes

Also, try and order from Sonic Blast Menu 2024.

3. Sonic Lemonades & Limeades

Freshen up yourself with zesty flavors of everyone’s favorite lemonades and limeades. They are available in numerous flavors, including:

sonic menu drinks
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Diet Cherry Limeade
  • Strawberry Limeade
  • Cranberry Limeade
  • Classic Limeade
  • Diet Limeade
  • Signature Limeade
  • All Natural Lemonade
  • Half Sweet Tea / Half Lemonade
  • Half Unsweet Tea / Half Lemonade
  • Sonic Splash

4. Sonic Soft Drinks

Sonic offers a variety of popular soft drinks that complement any meal or moment. You can have them in their pure, bubbly form or mix in sweet flavors to enhance their taste.

sonic drink menu
  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Coca-Cola Zero
  • Dr Pepper
  • Diet Dr Pepper
  • BARQ’S Root Beer
  • Sprite
  • Sprite Zero
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch
  • Fanta Orange
  • POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast
  • Ocean Water

5. Sonic Iced Tea

Energize both your mind and body with Sonic iced tea that comes in different flavors like:

  • Sweet Iced Tea
  • Unsweet Iced Tea
  • Half Sweet Tea / Half Lemonade
  • Half Sweet Tea / Half Unsweet Tea
  • Half Unsweet Tea / Half Lemonade

6. Sonic Coffee

Most Americans love to start their day with a serious coffee kick from Sonic. That’s why these are available in four different further customizable flavors. It helps customers to boost their energy levels, enhance productivity, and make the most of the time.

  • Coffee
  • French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee
  • Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee
  • Premium Roast Coffee

7. Others

Sonic also offers simpler options like Apple Juice Box and plain water that you can order when you are not in the mood for anything else mentioned above.

full sonic drink menu
sonic drink menu prices
  • Cup of Ice
  • Milk Jug (1%) – White
  • Minute Maid Apple Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Water
  • Plain Red Bull
  • Sonic Wave Bottled Water

Sonic Drink Menu Prices 2024

Sonic drinks have varying prices depending on their ingredients and cup sizes. Beverages containing more add-ins and toppings generally cost more than others. That is why it is wise to consider your budget before requesting more mix-ins.

The following table shows the current prices. Note that these rates can vary slightly depending on location.

ItemMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Twisted Lime Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Blood Orange Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Dragon Fruit Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Cherry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Blue Raspberry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Blue Coconut Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Grape Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Cranberry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Peach Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Mango Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Mountain Berry Blast® Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Cherry Limeade$2.19$1.49$1.79$1.99$2.24
Diet Cherry Limeade$1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Strawberry Limeade$ 1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Cranberry Limeade$ 1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Limeade$ 1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Diet Limeade$ 1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Lemonade$ 1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Half Sweet Tea / Half Lemonade$ 1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74
Half Unsweet Tea / Half Lemonade$ 1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74
Diet Coke®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Coca-Cola® Zero$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Dr Pepper®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Diet Dr Pepper®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
BARQ’S® Root Beer$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Sprite Zero®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Hi-C® Fruit Punch$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Fanta® Orange$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
POWERADE® Mountain Berry Blast® Drink$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Ocean Water®$1.59$1.09$1.34$1.49$1.69
Big Red®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Sweet Iced Tea$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Unsweet Iced Tea$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Half Sweet Tea / Half Lemonade$1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74
Half Sweet Tea / Half Unsweet Tea$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Half Unsweet Tea / Half Lemonade$1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74
Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.39$2.69$3.19$3.79
French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.39$2.69$3.19$3.79
Red Bull Energy Drink$2.99
Minute Maid® 100% Apple Juice Box$1.59
Milk Jug (1%) – White$1.39
Cup Of Ice$0.09$0.19$0.29$0.39$0.49
Orange Juice$2.59$2.79

Sonic Drink Menu Calories 2024

These drinks contain calories in variable amounts. You can find both low- and high-calorie items on the menu and choose the one that best aligns with your dietary needs.

The following table indicates the calorie count of each famous drink of Sonic.

ItemMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Twisted Lime Recharger with Red Bull230 Cal340 Cal480 Cal
Blood Orange Recharger with Red Bull220 Cal340 Cal450 Cal
Dragon Fruit Recharger with Red Bull220 Cal340 Cal450 Cal

Sonic Frozen Drinks Menu and Its Prices 2024

In addition to creating water-based pick-me-ups, Sonic also produces ice-cream-based drinks that are a hit with customers of all ages. Their delightful selection includes Sonic Shakes Menu, Sonic Blasts, Classic Shakes, Master Shakes, and Sundae.

They come in diverse customizable flavors, providing plenty of options to build your own ice cream dessert.

The following table highlights the most popular Sonic frozen drinks and their current prices.

sonic frozen drink menu
best sonic secret menu drinks
sonic menu drinks shakes
Vanilla Trick or Treat Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
Chocolate Trick or Treat Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
Turtle Truffle Nut Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
Chocolate Chunk Brownie Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
SONIC Blast® made with HEATH®$3.89$4.29$4.79
SONIC Blast® made with OREO® Cookie Pieces$3.49$3.89$4.39
SONIC Blast® made with REESE’S® Peanut Butter Cups$3.49$3.89$4.39
SONIC Blast® made with M&M’S® Chocolate Candies$3.49$3.89$4.39
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast®$3.49$3.89$4.39
Vanilla Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Banana Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Chocolate Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Caramel Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Strawberry Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Hot Fudge Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
REESE’S Peanut Butter Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
OREO® and REESE’S Peanut Butter Master Shake$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake®$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
Cheesecake Master Shake®$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
OREO® Chocolate Master Shake®$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
OREO® Cheesecake Master Shake®$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
Hot Fudge Sundae$2.49
Caramel Sundae$2.49
Strawberry Sundae$2.49

Top 5 Compelling Sonic Drinks 

Cherry Limeade: It is one of the most liked Sonic drinks on the menu. It contains Sprite, cherry, and limeade. When combined, all these flavors help lift the spirit and make you feel refreshed.

Sonic Ocean Water Drink Mix: This drink has a beautiful blue hue; hence, it not only pleases the taste buds but also the eyes. It is made from Sprite, blue coconut flavor, and ice, offering an enticing fusion of tropical flavors.

Sonic Butterfinger Blast: This frozen drink is for all the Butterfinger candy fans. It is made by mixing Butterfinger candies in real vanilla ice cream. In every bite, you get a delicious blend of crunchy candy pieces and creamy vanilla ice cream that is sure to make you come back for more.

Sonic Boba Drink: While the name might remind you of bubble tea, this drink is totally different. It comes in four fruity flavors, each containing Sonic Bursting Bubbles that make the drink look like bubble tea. These bubbles are flavorful candies that burst in the mouth, enhancing the overall drink experience.

Sonic Grease Drink: Sonic introduced this drink in collaboration with Paramount+ to support Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies series. Though it is not available on the menu anymore, you can tell Sonic employees its ingredients (Sprite, cherry, vanilla, and cream) to get it prepared.

Sonic Secret Menu Drinks

Have you ever tried Sonic Secret Menu? While not many people know about this menu, it offers some exceptionally delicious items that are an absolute must-try for any Sonic fan. 

It contains all kinds of items, including burgers, fries, and drinks. Since we are talking about Sonic drinks, let’s see what beverages are available on the Sonic Secret Menu.

  • Sonic Sunshine Smoothie
  • Sonic Sunrise
  • Pink Lady
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Purple Sprite
  • Slap Yo Mama
  • Dr. Pepper Float
  • Dr. Pepper Orgasm
  • Sonic Java Chiller

Sonic Happy Hours Drinks

The Sonic Hour Hours deal runs from 2 pm to 4 pm, during which you can have any Sonic drink at half its original price. This fan-favorite deal allows people to try different Sonic flavors at low rates or savor their favorite drink at 50% off.

Following are the popular Half Price Sonic Happy Hour drinks:

  • Lemonades
  • Limeades
  • Cherry Limeades
  • Slushes
  • Iced tea
  • Coffee

Sonic Sugar-Free Drinks Menu

Sonic caters to a wide array of customer preferences. For health-conscious consumers, there are plenty of sugar-free drink options they can enjoy without worrying about their calorie intake. These include: 

  • Diet Coke
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Unsweet Iced Tea
  • Sugar-Free Limeade & Lemonade
  • Sugar-Free Vanilla Coffee

Dealing with any allergies? Try Sonic Allergen Menu.

Sonic Seasonal Drinks Menu

Sonic Drinks Menu also offers limited-time flavors from time to time-based on seasons, special events, or popular demands. So, next time they become available, do not miss out on the opportunity to savor them while they last.

Here are the popular Sonic seasonal drinks:

  • Sonic Shark Week Slush
  • Strawberry Shortcake Snowball Slush Float
  • Lemonberry Slush Float
  • Holiday Mint Master Shake
  • Holiday Mint Master Blast
  • Sonic Christmas Blast
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Shake
  • Birthday Cake Shake
  • Pumpkin Spice Shake
  • Cranberry Juice Cocktail
  • Peach Bellini Slush
  • Red Berry Sangria Slush
  • Strawberry Frosé Slush
  • Sonic Blue Burst Slush
  • Sonic Cherry Burst Slush

Drink Sizes At Sonic Drive-In

Drinks at Sonic Drive-In come in four sizes to meet the needs of people with varying appetites. These sizes are:

  • Small (16 ounces)
  • Medium (20 ounces)
  • Large (32 ounces)
  • Extra-large (44 ounces)

The small cup is ideal for children, while the large size can satisfy adults’ cravings. Choose extra-large when you want an ultimate refreshment boost or need to share it with others.

Interesting Facts Every Sonic Drinks Fan Should Know

Here are the some amazing facts:

  • You can combine multiple drink flavors and mix-ins to experiment and create something crazy yet tasty.
  • Sonic make alcohol-free drinks. They are suitable for kids and adults alike.
  • Sonic Happy Hours timing can vary according to the location. So, verify your nearby branch’s timing before you visit it for Sonic Half Hour Drinks.

Available Combinations

Drinks at Sonic are made by mixing different flavors in base ingredients, such as water, Sprite, coffee, Fanta, or any other beverage.

Here is the complete list of combinations: 

1. Water Combinations 

  • Blue cream slush
  • Watermelon lime slush
  • Nerds slush
  • Sonic Menu the Hedgehog Drink
  • Watermelon slush
  • Watermelon slush with cream
  • Water with mint and watermelon
  • Strawberry peach water
  • Lemon and lime water
  • Strawberry lime water
  • Water with raspberry and blackberry
  • Cranberry water
  • Lemon water 
  • Cherry water 
  • Peach water 
  • Mint water 
  • Mango water 

2. Limeade Combinations 

  • Cranberry peach limeade
  • Cranberry peach limeade with cherries
  • Cherry limeade with vanilla and cream
  • Strawberry limeade with vanilla and cream
  • Watermelon limeade with extra lime
  • Strawberry limeade with orange
  • Cherry limeade with orange
  • Mango limeade with orange

3. Sprite Combinations 

  • Sprite with blue coconut 
  • Sprite with white coconut
  • Sprite with blackberry
  • Sprite with raspberry
  • Sprite with cranberry 
  • Sprite with strawberry 
  • Sprite with vanilla cream, strawberry, and Nerds candies  
  • Sprite with watermelon
  • Sprite with cherry, orange, and pineapple
  • Sprite with vanilla and cranberry

4. Coke Combinations 

  • Coke with orange 
  • Coke with cherry 
  • Coke with lime 
  • Coke with strawberry 
  • Coke with vanilla cream 
  • Coke with cream and caramel 
  • Coke with cranberry 
  • Coke with cranberry and vanilla 

5. Rootbeer Combinations 

  • Rootbeer with vanilla
  • Rootbeer with strawberry 
  • Rootbeer with cranberry 
  • Rootbeer with vanilla and cherries 

6. Fanta Combinations 

  • Fanta with lime 
  • Fanta with strawberry 
  • Fanta with cranberry 
  • Fanta with blueberry 
  • Fanta with cherry 

7. Pepper Combinations 

  • Dr. Pepper with green apple 
  • Dr. Pepper with strawberry 
  • Dr. Pepper with lime 
  • Dr. Pepper with watermelon 
  • Dr. Pepper with caramel and chocolate 
  • Dr. Pepper with vanilla cream and chocolate 
  • Dr. Pepper with blue coconut 
  • Dr. Pepper with whipped cream and cherry 

8. Tea and Coffee Combinations 

  • Sweet tea with mint
  • Green tea with mint
  • Sweet tea with strawberry
  • Sweet tea with strawberry and cream
  • Sweet tea with peach 
  • Sweet tea with cream and vanilla
  • Sweet tea with coconut
  • Sonic Drip Coffee
  • Sonic Americano
  • Sonic Cappuccino
  • Sonic Espresso
  • Sonic Lattes
  • Sonic’s Boba Drink

How to Order from Sonic Drink Menu?

You can order a drink both online and offline. Here is how you can place an order at Sonic.

1. Order Drinks at Sonic Drive-In

  1. Pull into Sonic’s parking stall.
  2. Go through their Drinks Menu to choose what you want to order.
  3. Press the order button.
  4. Carhops will come and note down your order details.
  5. Pay for the order.  
  6. Wait for a few minutes until your order arrives.

2. Order Sonic Drinks through the App

  1. Download the Sonic app and sign in to it.
  2. Choose your location.
  3. Go through the Sonic Drink Menu.
  4. Select the drink you want to have.
  5. Customize your order however you want.
  6. Choose the delivery method.
  7. Make payment for the order.
  8. Complete your order and wait for it to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Sonic Customer Service

Official Sonic Drive-in’s resources:

Sonic Drive-In Social Links

Sonic drinks Menu Items


Sonic’s drinks are flavorful delights that can quench your thirst, uplift your mood, and make you energized. These drinks are available in quite a lot of flavors and forms, so you will always find something that matches your taste and vibe.

We hope this detailed Sonic Drink’s Menu guide will assist you in making a better drink choice next time you visit Sonic!

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