Sonic Breakfast Hours: When does the Morning Menu End?

Sonic Drive-In proudly stands among one of the few famous restaurants that serve breakfast throughout the day without any time limitation.

Sonic understands that morning does not start the same for everyone. Many individuals, particularly night-shift workers and those with busy mornings, often miss out on traditional breakfast time.

Thanks to Sonic Drive-In, they can now enjoy breakfast whenever they want, whether it is morning, afternoon, or night.

In this comprehensive guide, I have explained everything you need to know about Sonic breakfast hours, from serving times to items.

StateBreakfast Hours
OklahomaMon-Fri 06:00am- 12:00am Sat-Sun 07:00am- 12:00am
Alabama06:00am- 12:00am all days
California07:00 am- 11:00 pm all days
TexasMon-Fri 07:00am- 11:00pm Sat-Sun 08:00am- 11:00pm
Florida11:00 am- 09:00 pm all days
West Virginia09:00 am- 10:30 pm Sat-Thurs 09:00 am- 06:30 pm Friday
TennesseeMon-Thu 06:00am- 10:00pm Fri-Sat 06:00am- 11:00pm Sunday 08:00am- 10:00pm
NebraskaMon-Sat 06:00am- 12:00am Sunday 07:00am- 12:00am

📊 What’s Your Go-To Sonic Menu Item?

When does Sonic start and stop serving breakfast?

Sonic Drive-In’s breakfast service starts at 6:00 AM and continues until midnight, unlike many other restaurants in the US that serve breakfast from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 

The limited time window of other restaurants often causes people to miss morning meals. However, Sonic Drive-In has addressed this issue by serving breakfast throughout its operating hours, making it convenient for early risers and late-night diners alike.

Also, check the Sonic Holiday Hours.

Please note: Sonic has over 3,500 outlets in the US with unique operating hours. Check your nearest branch’s opening hours to avoid disappointment. For example, Sonic Drive-in in Westland (7725 N Wayne Rd, Westland, MI 48185) opens at 9 AM.

Sonic breakfast time throughout the week

Go through this simple table to understand Sonic’s breakfast hours better.

DaySonic Breakfast Opening & Closing Hours
Monday6 Am – 12 Am
Tuesday6 Am – 12 Am
Wednesday6 Am – 12 Am
Thursday6 Am – 12 Am
Friday6 Am – 12 Am

Sonic Drive In Locations & Breakfast Hours

1. Sonic Drive-In – Wasilla

  • Address: 2051 Eas Sun Mountain Avenue wasilla AK 99654
  • Phone: (907) 357-8687
  • Today’s Hours: Open until 10 pm

2. Sonic Drive-In- East Meadow

  • Address: 1724 Hempstead Turnpike East Meadow, NY 11554
  • Phone: (516) 228-5013
  • Today’s Hours: Open until 12 am

3. Sonic Drive-In- Watertown

  • Address: 121 Western Boulevard Watertown NY 13601
  • Phone: (315) 405-4416
  • Today’s Hours: Open until 10 pm

4. Sonic Drive-In – Anson

  • Address: 1715 Commercial Avenue Anson, TX 79501
  • Phone: (325) 823-2445
  • Today’s Hours: Open until 10 pm
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How to find Sonic breakfast hours near me?

Not sure about the operating hours of a nearby Sonic restaurant? Worry not. Use these methods to find the nearest branch near you.

Visit Sonic’s official website

Follow this simple 5-step guide to learn about breakfast hours using their website. 

  1. Open Sonic’s official website by clicking here.
  2. Find “Locations” on the top menu and then click on it.
  3. Enter your current location or ZIP code to search for Sonic restaurants near you.
  4. Once you have located Sonic restaurants, click on a specific store to view its address, phone number, and operating hours.
  5. Call the chosen outlet to double-check Sonic breakfast hours through a customer support representative.

Use Sonic’s mobile app

You can use the Sonic mobile app for the same purpose. Download the app if you have not already. Use the “Store Locator” feature to look for a nearby restaurant and get its information.

Use Google Maps

Google Maps is a reliable tool you can use to find a nearby Sonic restaurant. Just type “Sonic Drive-In near me” in the search bar and get a list of all the nearby restaurants. It will include their address, phone number, and timings, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Get updates on social media

Stay updated with the latest deals and operating hours at Sonic by following their official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. So, make it a habit to check these platforms regularly and ensure you do not miss out on any exciting news or offers.

If you still lost the Sonic’s breakfast, then, you can try out the Mcdonald’s wrap of the day instead.

Sonic Customer Service

Official Sonic Drive-in’s resources:

Sonic Drive-In Social Links

Sonic breakfast hour

Top Sonic breakfast items

Sonic serves a wide variety of breakfast items to satisfy everyone’s needs. Here are some of our top picks from Sonic Breakfast Menu:

Breakfast Toasters: If you want to experience nostalgic flavors that take you back to your mom’s kitchen, the Sonic breakfast toaster is the best item to try. They contain fluffy scrambled egg, a cheese slice, and your choice of bacon or sausage, offering a balanced blend of essential nutrients. All these items are sandwiched between soft, warm Texas toasts.

SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito: Have this satisfying breakfast to stay fueled throughout the day. It is made of eggs, tots, jalapeno, tomato, chopped onion, sausage, and shredded cheddar cheese. All these items are perfectly wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

French Toast Sticks: Try French toasts in a new and convenient way. These golden-brown sticks come with a maple-flavored syrup. You can complement your main meal with these to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee: Recharge your mind and body with this classic cold coffee. People love its rich and creamy flavor, making it a go-to choice for a refreshing experience.

Also, try the new Sonic Drinks and their combinations.

Is Sonic Cheaper in The Morning?

No, Sonic Drive-In menu prices do not change and remain throughout the day and all seasons. But, Sonic has some special times called “Happy Hours,” when you can enjoy everything at a discounted price.

What time does sonic stop serving breakfast?

Sonic stops serving breakfast when closing their branch at 12 pm (in most branches). So, it doesn’t matter when you start your day, you can enjoy your favorite breakfast all day.


Sonic’s all-day breakfast menu caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you want something sweet like French toast or a hearty meal like burritos, Sonic is here to serve you all day long.

Find the operating hours of a nearby Sonic restaurant using its mobile app or official website to ensure you enjoy your breakfast at the perfect time.  

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